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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Sounds eerily familiar. I've got an 8GB card with LibreElec and a 64GB card with Raspbian that also has Kodi, REAPER and an xfce desktop.

I cut the cord on cable four years ago and setup a Linux machine running MythTV as a backend server with a 90 mile HDTV antenna in the attic and 4 HDHomerun ethernet dual tuners. LibreElec or Raspbian after you tweak a few things runs Kodi very well and it acts like a MythTV frontend along with it's other media functions.

With the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ I tried REAPER with my Behringer UMC1820 and it was able to playback a bass and guitar track while recording 4 tracks of acoustic drums, so I am confident that the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of memory, higher clock speed, Etc., will do even better.
Hi ...

Was Raspbian the only absolute distro, you settled down to, or were there any other (more DAW suitable) distros, that you tried or would prefer / recommend ?

Were there any tweakings to be made regarding the (Raspbian) "realtime" installation ?

I have a Pi 3B+ myself and I'd like to try REAPER with it ...
Possibly using my TASCAM US-16x08 to try to record 16 tracks at once .

- BOne -
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