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Originally Posted by dagovitsj View Post
Hi, and thanks for the tip, jackmilas!
I have tried the script, but can't get it to work. I did a test project and named some wav files like this: Kick.wav, Snare Top.wav, Bass.wav
I then made 3 tracks which I named with the same names: Kick, Snare Top, Bass
Then I imported the wav files so that they appeared under the empty Kick, Snare Top and Bass track. I then highlighted the three items (Kick, Snare Top and Bass), ran the script - and nothing happened.

I then opened the script to see if I could find out what I did wrong, but I can't code (yet!), so I'm a little lost. I reckon there has to be some naming convention that I haven't followed or can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

All the best!
There must be something else not working. The names don't need to be exact. They can be similar, eg. having prefixes or suffixes and the script still works ok.
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