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Default So long and thanks for all the fishes.

I came to a point where I don't want to use Track Inspector anymore.

Even though I think it is absolutely brilliant and it should be an integral part of Reaper, the lag and annoyances in the workflow are simply too much for me.

I understand that Heda did a tremendous job here and I understand that problems happening here are beyond his reach and scope. That is why I am not asking for support or help, but I just have to, unfortunately, give up.

First show-stopper for me is first-click-action-thief:
On my Windows 10 and Reaper 5.985 x64 and Track Inspector v1.4rc49, whenever I issue a mouse-click action in the arrangement window, which involves a track different than the one selected, that mouse-click action is not executed, but, instead, the track selection is automatically changed and I can see TrackInspector changing it's face. In my Reaper setup, I have ALT+LEFTCLICK set to do Cut-media-item-at-mouse-cursor. Since I have TrackInspector running, I always have to click twice if the track currently selected versus the track where I am cutting that media is not the same.

Second show-stopper for me is speed:
TrackInspector simply takes too long to initialize a track selection change. Even running on Intel i7-8700T CPU and Nvidia GTX1050Ti GPU, it is still too slow. Agreed, it is somewhere between one second and two seconds, but still, when working with Reaper I click around a lot, change track selections a lot and it adds up to total annoyance and disturbance. As soon as I shut down TrackInspector, my Reaper is fast and responsive and a joy to work with, again. Combine this problem with the problem mentioned above, and I really come to the point where I can't stand having TrackInspector running anymore.

Heda, it really pains me to have to say this, but I feel like this obstacle is an ultimate one. Being programmer myself, I know very well that there is no way out of this. TrackInspector is simply a script and it will always be a second-class citizen in Reaper world. Unless it can be fully integrated into Reaper C/C++ code, it will always remain laggy and slow and cumbersome.

Thank you nevertheless.
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