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Originally Posted by Not_Here View Post
Hey that's cool of you to notice. I really like when Artists/engineers etc.. let others use the tracks for learning and fun.

I actually was liking the tracks to Outa Control. I thought they were some of the better, more clean tracks I've had to work with lately. The Vox tracks were really fun to experiment with. Great chorus for sure. Loved the guitar sounds too. That little funk breakdown really made for a good time mixing too - choosing how to go into as well as build back up out of it. Oh hell, The whole song was great.

Went ahead and picked up the Album, Looking forward to the multitracks! Always a pleasure to support the Artists.

just grabbed the .wav version of album,
workin on the .pdf links.

Well done, and will be glad to link the band on anything I post. And as always, credit is given to the Artists.

**** the bandwidth at the server is crap, 14 - 20 hours per d/l.... well I can let them go all night for the next week or two! HAHAHAAA maybe I'll try at another time. Can't get above 256K bandwidth from the d/l links.... most of the time its more like 50k or 112k speed... sad....
Hi Not Here - Wow, thank you - much appreciated!

Sorry to hear about the issues with downloads. The files are hosted on the same server as all the Cambridge M-T Multi-track Library stuff, so it should be at least as fast as those downloads. That said, they are all fairly large projects...

I just went to try to download one of the multitrack projects myself, and I'm getting a download time of about 5 minutes for "Damage" (albeit one of the smaller multis). However, I am using a program called Internet Download Manager, which I find extremely handy when downloading big files.

Anyhow..Let me know how it goes, and thank you once again for your support!
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