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There are many excellent ideas in v6 theme and I feel sorry to criticize seeing how much work it was dedicated. But imo implementation is not good. It is simply too much work for single person (no matter how genius and hard working) to take care about every aspect. Many things look logical and well thought, but overall result is difficult to use.

For me transition from 3 to 4 and especially from 4 to 5 was easy, but now from 5 to 6 - not so much. I am fine with darker colors, but problem is not in darkness.
When working longer, general feel is like looking into those "trick of the eye" pictures. Something with shape, contrast, colors makes elements to look moving and not properly aligned. Switching back to v5 theme is refreshing where everything feels stable in its place again.

Unfortunately in v5 theme in 6.0RC some icons do not look the same as in original v5 Reaper.
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