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Default v5 themes do not work in v6...? Yes they do!

I don't want to be negative but still... I find the v6 default theme much too dark. Maybe it works for someone sitting in a dark room, but I don't do that. And opening old projects in v6 is painful. Being able to dim them is not the solution.

The default theme should be a compromise that most people can agree on is not the best but ok as a start. This is not it, sorry.

So I tried using the theme I use now with v5. Things were slightly improved, but the colors all come out wrong. Most of them became just grey, which makes a problem for me, as I have the tracks color coded (Drums are green, Bass black, etc). No colors (except various hues of grey) in the TCP at all. Also, in v5 my theme colors the whole of the track, not just a small strip in the MCP.

And how do I expand/collapse folders in the MCP?

I think this should work. Using an old theme does not give all the possibilities of the new theme structure, that is fine. But an old theme should look reasonably similar to what it looked in the previous version of Reaper. Really.

I'm sorry to be negative, I understand that there is a lot of work put into this. However, for me the default theme does not work, and I do not want to spend hours to tweak things; making v5 themes work reasonably well in v6 is crucial.
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