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Originally Posted by lubvic View Post
Thanks MixMonkey, i'll use FXmenu method, everythig seems to work great now, even scribble strips, with your advice! :-)
Glad you got it working

If you want the FX window to open when you select the slot, you can double up on the Push Action:
	Zone FXMenu|1-8
		DisplayUpper| FXNameDisplay |
		DisplayLower| NoAction
		Rotary| NoAction	
		RotaryPush| GoFXSlot |
/Float FX window for selected slot		
		RotaryPush1 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX1
		RotaryPush2 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX2
		RotaryPush3 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX3
		RotaryPush4 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX4
		RotaryPush5 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX5
		RotaryPush6 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX6
		RotaryPush7 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX7
		RotaryPush8 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX8
Note the use of the longhand form (the shorthand | won't work with the SWS Action)

Just realised I left the RotaryPush line out of my original reply (I'll correct that) but I guess you figured that out

I have a button mapped that closes all the floating FX windows, to clean up:
SomeButton Reaper _S&M_WNCLS3
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