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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
got a pi 4 unexpectadly for christmas - so have had to fork 20 to get it powered and cabled up !! some present.. - don't mind really.

first thought is to have it run reaper of course, and not being a fan of terminal access faffery, i dare to ask how straightforward getting reaper going should be? and to then get an audio interface to play nice naturally -

that and maybe being hooked up to tv and showing google slides and videos etc. as a learning tool whilst my main daw does other things.

in the midst of getting raspian downloaded and put onto sd card then will fire up...
Once you have Raspbian running, use Chromium to download the ARM version of REAPER. At the bottom left of Chromium you will see the download and when done, double click it, which will bring it up in the archive manager. From there pull down the action menu and select extract. By default it will try to go to /tmp but I override that and point it to the download folder.

Now that the file is extracted, double click the home folder on your desktop, navigate to Downloads where you can see the reaper_linux_arm71 folder. Right click it and select Open Terminal Here. Once in the terminal just issue the command,


and answer the prompts that come up. I always use "I,2,Y,Y".


As to the non REAPER stuff, I'm using mine as a multimedia computer on my second monitor. You can install the Synaptic package manager which will make it so you can install other stuff without getting into a terminal window. Once I had installed that, I installed Kodi, which if you aren't familiar with is a very good media center software. I use it to stream live and recorded HDTV, plus do photos, videos, and music. I also switched the desktop to xfce which was just a matter of using Synaptic to install it, and then issuing in a terminal window the sooper sekret long command,

sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

which then shows you all the desktops you could use, and you just pick the one that has startxfce4 in the name.
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