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For grins I booted Win7 on my dual boot DAW, and see the popup box now that isn't happening on Raspbian AND on Xubuntu which is the other OS on my DAW. The Windows version let me add my Saitek joystick, but it seemed to have no effect on playing a Kontakt synth sound. I'm guessing you have to go somewhere and configure what you want the X,Y, and Z axis to do, along with assigning buttons.

Have you ever heard of the Flirc IR device? It's a tiny USB IR receiver that is universal, meaning it can see the IR codes from *any* IR remote, and then you can assign plain old ascii keystrokes to buttons on the remote. The cool thing with these is once you configure the tiny hardware, you can move it to another machine, and since it just looks like a USB keyboard to a computer, there is no configuration or drivers needed.

With the same TV remote that controls my 40" DAW monitor, I can also control REAPER, and for drums that are across the room, it works very well.
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