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Originally Posted by Xasman View Post
The first thing I noticed when running it was that REAPER won't output audio via the onboard audio outputs (selecting either ALSA or Pulse Audio in the Audio Prefs seems to make no difference.
Sorry to have taken so long to follow up on this, but I did eventually find a few minutes to track down what was going on here.

The problem was that (in Preferences-->Audio-->Device) I had selected the onboard sound in both the "Input device" and "Output device" fields (because I would normally select both in the case of whichever interface I'm using). However, on the pi, of course, there's no built-in audio input (unless you've added a piggy-back card). It's still possible to select built-in audio as an input device though - and if you do this then it produces an error message.

The solution, if you just want to playback audio through the pi's built in outputs, is to SELECT ONLY THE OUTPUT DEVICE, leaving the input device blank. It then works.

Obviously, when using a USB interface which has both input and outputs, you can (and should) select it in both the Input and Output Device fields.

Sorry if this solution sounds ludicrously obvious, but I thought I would post this anyway in case anyone else should encounter the same problem.
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