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Man, I should not post in the General Discussion Forum, this is where all the nice people, with music hang out. So this will be my final comment, until, and if the "Lounge" is reinstated. Which I doubt at this stage.

I say goodbye to the few free thinkers, anti globalists, proud individuals, non-self hating, not Champagne Communists, woke identity fans, victim hierarchies, begrudgingly GOP voters, anti Brexit, Liberals, Lefties, Pro Feminist critics, Pro Brexit, Fascists, Virtuous/"Nice", Orange man bad, Orange man good crowd that existed in the Lounge are no more.

The obscure and minute corner of the internet, password protected, is no more and who can blame them. One day "somethingaweful" post a link to your site accusing you of harbouring Trump supporters. Followed by massive progressive social media outrage with inevitable accusations of racism, and god forbid Cloudfare involvement.

Loungers, this is not your fault, this is the ever decreasing platform of free thought that is very rare, almost non existent on main stream media.

I enjoyed my time in the Lounge and I thank Justin and the many mods who had to put up with us. I have no resentment, I am saddened for those few who have no other platform. I can point you in some free speech alternatives but who have the stomach for that these days.

Ciao, make beautiful music, make Reaper more awesome.

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