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Originally Posted by b0se View Post
Smooth is even better in HiDPI!

Try the other layout scale options for the mixer, A, 50%, 75%, 150% etc etc - you may find one that works.

Options > Layout > Mixer Panel
This solved my problem, thank you!

Originally Posted by b0se View Post
I downloaded the Fira Sans TTF from the link you provided and it wouldn't install - got an error. Win 10.

So that's not going to happen, as if it failed for me, it could fail for others. Open Sans, while not as pretty, is working fine now.

Frozen Crystal (Regular) TTF does work much better, so that will be added to 2.2, just seeing if I can fix the transport alignment so it works on all systems. PITA having Mac/W10 and 1080p/HiDPI all together, you fix one and it can b0rk the other (with pixel alignments) :)
Have you tried deleting the old Fira Sans OTF before installing the new TTF?
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