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Originally Posted by nuc View Post
I think the installation instructions as well as the packaging of the theme might be improved here.

First of all, a user only needs two of those files, depending on his OS (not all four).
Secondly, I would simply split both versions into different folders: The Windows ones separate from the MacOS ones.
This way it would not be necessairy to have a naming scheme like Smooth_6_Windows.ReaperTheme, but simply Smooth_6.ReaperTheme for any OS.

On a different note, every folder in your packaging contains a .DS_Store file (which I guess is some MacOS specific thing?). I would probably remove those files in future releases for clean packaging
Tbh, I think the packaging is fine. Given the fact, that b0se has a very limited amount of time and also scarified a lot of it, Iíd rather spend him his time on the theme than on organizing the zip
But thatís up to him...
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