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First off thanks for all the hard work.

Not sure if your 1080p theme is supposed to support 1080p widescreen/21:9 ratio? Apologies as I didn't see any mention one way or the other in regards to 21:9 ratio. I'm running Windows 10 1080p at 2560 x 1080/21:9 ratio settings.

But there's some odd behavior for the Windows version with widescreen aspect.

First off nearly everything works. The exception being any version of track layout at 150% when using the Windows theme.

Anyway, the text looks likes it's been stretched to huge proportions, BUT when you go to edit the name, the text appears fine. Once you hit enter, it goes back to being stretched, but if you look closely I think you can still see a portion of the stretched font at the top of the name field. So apparently it just moves the stretched text "up" while you edit the text/name?

Also, when I use the Theme Adjuster and try to change track selection size there, it seems to add some odd portions of coloring near the M/S buttons (though only on 150% setting). It also removes the custom coloring stripe when the track isn't selected (on all settings once you've changed sizes with TA once). This visual bug affects both Windows and default/Mac theme for me. This visual bug won't go away until you open and reclose/open new file with Reaper.

I'm fairly new user of Reaper so, I'm not sure but it seems the problem may be it's not loading the Windows theme adjuster properly? The label still says "smooth theme adjuster" even when using the Windows theme. I've double checked and the Smooth_6_Windows_theme_adjuster.lua is in the Cockos folder with Smooth_6_theme_adjuster.lua

Thanks again for all your work. Love the theme.

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