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The Fira Sans OTF from Google Fonts worked on the Win10 1080p system, about to test Win10 HiDPI.

Strange that the other OTF version had issues. Perhaps this is a newer version.

Originally Posted by nuc View Post
I think it's important to share feedback and ideas. It's up to b0se what to implement, but everybody needs objective input from the outside to make the right decisions.
Also how is restructuring the zip eating up any resources? The only resources that are wasted are when people in the forum ask why their Smooth_6.ReaperTheme doesn't work only to find out they need to use Smooth_6_Windows.ReaperTheme.
This takes the real time and energy.

I'm just giving my input lol :P
Stevie meant the invisible files that OSX produces. I'm not going to start messing about with that, as very few users will ever see those.

I will however, split the theme into OSX/Win releases as to simply installation.

EDIT: Seen your own EDIT
Smooth V6 1080P/HiDPI Theme
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