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Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
Hey b0se, about zip files for pc done on a mac, I've found the resource forks have to be omitted, and safest only to use ISO characters in items names. If still relevant and if you haven’t tried, I suggest Keka file archiver and check the ‘Exclude Mac resource forks’ under zip. At least this solved my case with another Win user.

- in regard to font appearance cross platform it's really confusing. I don't know what to say other than millions of users have the Google fonts installed. I wonder if there could be additional information in RT. I've also seen examples from the Reaper dev team that don't have correct Calibri font installed for v6. It would be really helpful to have a clear guide on how fonts should be specified to align with the program code in all (three) formats.
The fonts are a bit of a pain, a lot of effort for something so simple :¬)

Thanks for the heads up with Keka, I'll use that for 2.2.

Hope all is well!
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