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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
tcp_heights 8 30 61 61 - two of those heights are the same. Make them different. Because ...well, because Reaper.


I don't like to wade into people's theme threads and start telling them what's what, because obviously that's very rude and if the theme maker and his users don't think its got problems then who cares? However, since I haven't documented the HiDPI stuff yet, I hope you will allow me an exception this once because there's no way you'd know, and you could help me refine how I communicate these new things

Since you're not doing 150% assets (and good god, fair enough) you can strip out all of the 150% walter, so you're not presenting layouts to the user that don't make any sense.

at the top:
misc_dpi_translate 134 150
misc_dpi_translate 174 200

...can be...

misc_dpi_translate 151 200
...otherwise Reaper will rescale the miscellaneous non-Walter stuff at intermediate sizes to 150, which isn't a size you're doing, so weirdness will result.

You can also kill all the layouts that point to the 150 folder like this:
Layout "150%_B" "150"
...because you don't have a 150 folder. They will result in re-rasterized bitmaps, and that'll look yukky.

You can also kill all the 75% layouts in 'DUMMY LAYOUTS' because they only exist so that dpi_translate has something to point at.

Finally, in the DPI translation itself, you can do a big'ol cleanup, because that's mostly concerned with the 75%/150% stuff.

so, for example:
layout_dpi_translate 	'50%_A' 	1.0 	'A'
you need those lines, so that 1.0 scale users get something when they choose 50% 

Then for each layout you'll want :
layout_dpi_translate 	'A' 	1.5 	'200%_A'
to say "if the user is above 1.51% scaling, give them the HiDPI goodness"
...and then kill all the rest of it.

I haven't looked at your theme adjuster changes, but if you haven't done so make sure you remove the 150% apply buttons. You shouldn't need to mess with the code, just kill the button, that should be fine.


I would also suggest you make it more clear that this is a mod of the default 6 theme, and of which version of that theme it is modded from. There will be fixes / code alterations to the default throughout its lifespan, and they will almost certainly be applicable to your mod as well, and if you're not around someone else could splice them in, maximising its longevity.
That's incredibly helpful - thanks for taking the time WT, much appreciated.

Yes, will do.

I'll give this these changes a shot...
Smooth V6 1080P/HiDPI Theme
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