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Hey all,

I'm preparing to post DrumReaplacer in the main forum and will build that post here and then just move it.


DrumReaplacer is THE free solution for anyone who wants to replace drums with samples and want it done with accuracy and finesse.

- Velocity sensitive drum replacer
- Force variation-slider to avoid the machine gun-effect in for example snare fills (Round robin *beyond* layers)
- built-in sampler that supports any samplerate
- Dynamics-slider to control how hard the drummer beats those things

DrumReaplacer is easy to use. Insert it, load a Sample source file from the drop-down menu, hit play and lower the threshold until you hear it kicking in (pun intended).

DrumReaplacer is accurate. Here's the snare track from the example project, before and after being replaced using DrumReaplacer and Pipelines Grip snare samples (included in the DrumReaplacer download).

And here's the corresponding audio examples:

Before (original kick, snare and OH):
After (replaced kick and snare, original OH):

DrumReaplacer is free and will be released as open source shortly. If you would like to support the further development of this plug in you could donate:


... more stuff will follow.

- JOnas

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