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I've been working way too much lately and haven't had time to try your new samples - I'll post as soon as I find the time to try 'em.

Originally Posted by unsound View Post
Hey Jonas I'm using 1.06a not sure if thats the latest version or not but I seem to be getting some delay with the samples.....was getting the same with 1.04a so I'm not sure what is really going on.


Also is there one link with updated versions of Drumreaplacer?
I have to clean up these links somday... here's the latest version

Regarding delay I don't experience that, are you on mac or windows?

Originally Posted by Grünfeld View Post
I know what I'd love: a MIDI version of an audio file.

I tend to use BFD2 to trigger drum hits. I can't currently see if DrumReplacer could trigger BFD2, my guess is it doesn't do that sort of thing.

I've got (poorly recorded) multi-track audio of real drums and if DrumReplacer could make MIDI tracks which preserved the timing of the performance I could replace each kit piece with BFD2.

Would DrumReplacer ever be able to do that?
Currently it doesn't, but have yoiu tried SStillwells drumtrigger? (It's included in the Reaper install.)It does what you're asking for. Give it at try and see if you like it, otherwise it wouldn't be that hard to make DrumReaplacer output midi...

Originally Posted by Finnish View Post
I'm quite sure DrumReaplacer doesn't output MIDI. Otherwise ReaGate with velocity-sensitive MIDI-output would be a killer for some people..
Yeah, or try using ReaGate to remove everything but the hits you want to replace and then use Sstillwells drumtrigger to convert it to midi.

Originally Posted by pixeltarian View Post
um, does it work on a mac?
Sure does, I'm on a MBP myself

- Jonas
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