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Originally Posted by mr. moon View Post
Still broken here!!

Even using it on my work rig with a brand-new 3.04 installation of REAPER using the new project you posted.
1. The timing is still off, with the replacement hit being late as before.
2. The modified project I created on another computer works perfectly on this one.
Ok : )

Not sure what you mean (I might be slow here), what's special about the modified project? And please post any info on samplerate of the project and the samples used in DrumReaplacer. (It seems the reason for these troubles is that the Reaper implementation of JS has changed in a few aspects and I'm still trying to figure out how they affect DrumReaplacer...)

Originally Posted by mr. moon View Post
3. If I try to move the "Original Signal [%]" slider, I instantly get a "file too large" warning in the status indicator bar.
That's really weird. I cannot duplicate here, not on PC nor on Mac - anyone else? [EDIT: Probably related to this]

Originally Posted by mr. moon View Post
Any chance you could date stamp your ReaPlacer versions when you post them, so we can be sure that we're downloading the correct ones? I've been finding a bunch of bad links around here...

-mr moon
I've been trying to remove all old links and keep just the latest - could you post a link to any posts containing old links? Also, check what the plug in is called in Reaper, the latest verison is 1.093 (just like in the picture above).

- Jonas

PS: I'll be posting a new version shortly S

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