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Default WDL in the wild

As of 8/16/2010, Cockos WDL is available as a Git repository.

If you are a WDL user, you can clone the Cockos repository to create your own working copy of the code. When Cockos WDL is updated, you can use Git to selectively choose to merge in any or all changes that you want to incorporate into your own code.

If you are a WDL user and you use Git for your own source code control, you can add the Cockos WDL repository as a remote, following Justin's instructions here. This will let you manage your own code, and also selectively merge in changes from Cockos WDL.

Here's where it gets interesting: if you are a WDL user and you have improved WDL with local modifications, please feel free to host your own repository of WDL (or IPlug or any submodule of WDL)! You can use GitHub, Google Code, any other public source code repository service*, or your own personal server. If any group of WDL users wants to create a shared repository, that's fine too.**

The Git vision is that everyone who has something to add to WDL (including Cockos) will host their own repository, and everyone who uses WDL (including Cockos) will, over time, add the repositories of trusted coders as a remote. That way we can all look at each others' improvements, and pull any changes we like into our own code.

So, have at it! WDL is officially in the wild. We look forward to seeing what happens!

* Please make sure to read and understand the license terms of any commercial source code repository service.

** The Git vision is that there is no centralization, and therefore no politics about who is trusted to change the code and who isn't. Shared repositories can be good if they increase the trustability of that particular location, but bad if they exclude valuable contributors from becoming known.
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