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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Sorry if I got overzealous.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Yeah, on this maybe there should be a default implementation of () that just calls SerializeState()?
Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Edit: OK, I've updated our next tree with JPEG support returned, but keeping the other project edits. So now we just need to find a good backwards compatible way of handling SerializePresets() and we should be good, eh?
Right. I don't think SerializePresets() is used anywhere else, so it is tempting to simply change it to:

bool IPlugBase::SerializePresets(ByteChunk* pChunk) { return SerializeState(pChunk); }
However, this could still break compatibility with an existing project if it happens to call SerializePresets() internally. So I guess it would be better to leave SerializePresets() be (and make it non-virtual again), and add a new virtual method instead, and call that new method for effGetChunk.

EDIT: Tried it here locally, it seems to work. Now I have to figure out how to pull the Cockos WDL's next branch without messing up my own master branch. And then what? Should I publish my own next branch, so you guys at Cockos can pull it, or can I push things to you?

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