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Originally Posted by neilerua View Post
I've started some translations in french, and the lack of room is THE problem (in the dialog box) . It makes the task very hard and tedious ! Sometimes it's simply impossible in French ... I'm using abbreviations but i'm not satisfied with.

Is there a workaround to reload the traduction without reopening Reaper at each time ? It will make the things easier...

Thanks for your work! The french users are eager to have a complete french version... but it's a huge labour...
Bon travail mec! Tres bon debut but I think we need to be careful on using too much long sentences and also there are some typical Technical words/Terms that I find need to stay in english even though we are translating it in french etc.. etc.. because we ALL know these TERMS and are worldwide used & applied in English.

In french we need to really be careful. Sometimes I find (although I speak french, write etc.. fluently) that sometimes DAW translation are a bit messier and when two people get together and you 1 was working in english DAW or the other on a french (same DAW of course), they can get consuded because there are Main Terms that gets translated and loose all their value or meaning.

Just my two cents and maybe a reason WHY I never use my DAW or anything on related to Software in FRENCH.

Count me to revise and to help make this perfect If needed me.
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