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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
When I am next doing a mix I could try that I will not be on my audio today I need a rest.
I am just guessing here MRMJP I have 32GB Ram, Ozone would use a bit of Ram.
I have used Neutron and Neutron 2 in multiples with no trouble.
I am using Ozone 8 on the master bus only so far.

Thanks. iZotope has a few other reports of this already but I'm trying to help them pinpoint it.

I don't think it's related to RAM. The plugins perform fine and I use item FX so even though I have say a dozen instances loaded, only one is in use at a time in my mastering sessions, and I'm not using the entire 08 plugin, just the dynamics module.

It has something to do with the plugin closing so the app and/or session can fully quit.

What's weird is the session window closes but if you look closely you can see that REAPER freezes/hangs and is technically still open which can be annoying.
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