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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
You joggle something there
Lately after installing the two Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 I have had a few instances where after closing Reaper and shutting down I have had to wait until
my computer shuts down (tell it to close the process) whatever process is hindering shut down. Reaper seems to close down perhaps it is that the Izotope's are not.

Yeah, that's what I"m saying. Something must have changed for 08/N2.

I tried to reproduce the issue in WaveLab by loading a bunch of instances but there was no problem there. It's seems to be isolated to REAPER and Ozone 8/Neutron 2, at lsat on MacOS.

I tried AU an VST3 with the same result. I tried iLok vs. computer authorization with the same result.

It seems that the more instances loaded, the longer REAPER hangs when quitting.
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