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Originally Posted by MRMJP View Post
Is everything slow even if you don't have any iZotope plugins loaded or just when you use the plugins? They can be fairly CPU intense so if it's happening in more than one DAW, I doubt it's a REAPER issue..
Here's what I found out:

1. Reaper hangs or crashes while scanning the iZotope Plugins (Ableton Live also btw.)

2. Loading any iZotope Plugin needs at minimum 30 seconds. In this time reapers GUI is totally hanging.

3. While running the session with loaded iZ-Plugins reaper's GUI hangs often a very long time (minutes!!!).

4. Loading project with included iZ-Plugins could take up to 10 minutes (i7, 4.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM, SSD), or reaper crashes while loading.

5. You have several track with the same iZ-Plugin running, now you will add the same plugin into another track. Suddenly the iZ-Plugin says it is not authorized anymore and runs in demo mode (after showing up the auth-dialogbox).

6. Other iLok protected software like slate everything bundle randomly also thinks there is no authorization any more, if any iZ-Plugin is loaded.

7. While reaper is running iZ-Plugins and is hanging, you could not open any other iLock protected software (standalone software like RX-Editor), also the iLok-Licence-Manager will not work!

So I tried to deactivate all iZtope licences and go over to "Computer Authorisation" and: Voila! All work quiet well now.

But this is no final solution for me, because I need to run my licences on my notebook too, so that's why I prefer authorizing via iLok.
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