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Yeah, Ozone was always a bit CPU intensive depending on what modules you are using but it was usable. That's why I like Ozone/Neutron Advanced where you can use the individual modules as needed and not have to load the entire plugin.

I don't think RX6 stuff is meant to be run live in real-time. It's EXTREMELY CPU intense and it's not just in REAPER, Pro Tools and WaveLab as well.

That's why these are best done in the standalone app or as AudioSuite in Pro Tools which is why it would be nice if REAPER developed it's own AudioSuite style processing.

That being said, I have some nice scripts from getting item copies into RX6 standalone, making the edit, saving the file and returning to REAPER and moving on.

I think most of the RX plugins are just not intended for real-time use and are best used in some form of offline processing.
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