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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
The "typical" bass setup for heavy music these days tends to involve splitting it into multiple tracks for specific things:

Bass folder
--Bass DI (parent send disabled, sending to each of the other three tracks)

Optional: Compression on the DI track to get the performance fairly level, or use automation or item gain to do the same thing.

  • LPF all the way down to 150Hz or so
  • Compress pretty hard so the low end is as consistent as possible

  • HPF at 300-500Hz, LPF at 3kHz-5kHz
  • Throw a bit of distortion on it, anything from an overdrive to a bass amp to a Rectifier. This will serve as the "glue" with the guitars.
  • Cabinet optional
  • HPF and LPF again, since the distortion probably added content in the ranges you filtered
  • Play with some EQ to see what sounds best. I often find that a narrow cut around 1kHz can keep the grit track from sounding a little too obnoxious

  • This one's a matter of taste. Some use it just for high-end pick attack, but I like a little clean midrange to help the bass stay audible in between the guitars.
  • HPF and LPF similar to the Grit track.
  • Play with an EQ in the mids if there's too much "honk". Lately I've been boosting a little right around the HPF's cutoff, boosting a little in the 1-2kHz range, and cutting in between them.
  • Compression and some saturation can be useful here.

Bass folder:
  • Use some more EQ here with the full mix playing to help the bass cut through, but without being really obnoxious (mids particularly)
  • Compress/limit a little to get the bass at as consistent a level as possible.
  • Consider a sidechain compressor triggered by the kick, just the bring the bass down a few dB on each hit. This keeps the mix's low end from getting too huge. Alternatively, a multiband compressor or dynamic EQ with sidechain capability will let you duck ONLY the bass's low end - TDR Nova is awesome for this.

You might have noticed that my HPF/LPF suggestions left a big gap in the low mids - this gives the guitars their own space, and hopefully you're cutting the guitars a bit in the <200Hz range so the kick and bass aren't fighting with them. You can also use a sidechained dynamic EQ for this as well, placing it on the guitar bus and triggering it from the kick and bass - this will let you leave more low end in the guitars for when they're playing alone, but it will be ducked out when the big kids come in.

Useful reading material:
Holy crap !!!! I am so far behind the times, thanks for all this info dude
Reaper scripters, that is all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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