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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
I don't see any reason why you couldn't set the recording path to a directory on NAS. That's for the OS to sort out.
Your problem is going to be the NAS bandwidth. How many tracks you can push across this will depend on their bitrate.

I've not done it, but latest NAS should, in theory, be capable of doing what you want. It's used for video, after all.

That said, I can't see there's any particular advantage to it. Disk I/O workload is somewhat separate from audio processing. And besides, your HOST still has handle the data - even if it's now moving it to the network rather than a local drive.

Where I could see an advantage is the case where you have a machine dedicated to recording, and another for mixing. Or where the NAS is a big "secure" RAID thing, with automated backups / a team of cheerful ops staff.
Right, regular Windows 10 Pro file transfer is capped. Another question that comes to mind, is how is Reaper writing to disk? Would it act similarly writing over ethernet?

I have no clue what settings/configuration would cap that kind of throughput and require higher end Ethernet hardware. Or if gigabit could still get the job done. I'll have to do some recording with the system monitor up along with the reaper monitor.

If my question was to wordy: Would the receiving machine require a World Clock pci-e to compensate via link to the host?

I'm thinking of 2 machines.
1) Powerful, Audio Interface, Less but Fast storage. VSTs, Samples, Mixing, Recording.
2) Efficient, Archiving/Backup, More Storage.

Attempting to be more concise for others:
"Default Recording Path" to the network device/server/nas
"Default Project Path" to the Network Device/server/nas
"Default Render Path" = Network device/server/nas

Does it add unwanted latency? With high end networking devices, where would be possible bottlenecks?

Just want some form of boujee setup I can just wake up, hit record once. 10 hours later. Hit stop. Repeat. However it just dawned on me, Reaper waits until it is done recording to render. Which, still isn't a big deal and the 'default record path' should still be utilized.
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