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Since a lot of my favorite music smashes the whole drum kit onto a single mono track, I'm happy dropping Kontakt's 60s Drummer VST onto a single stereo track, and keeping it like that most of the time. Occasionally I'll want to emphasize the cymbal or the tambourine or some other random element, and in these cases I don't bother routing anything in the traditional way. I just put the cymbal or tambourine midi on its own track and use another instance of the Kontakt instrument. This works perfectly in Reaper, but when I have tried it in Studio One or Logic, it always ends up breaking -- eventually one of the duplicate Kontakt instruments will no longer play. But I digress.

My point being, I guess, that 60s Drummer comes already expertly recorded and mixed, so it would be highly anal to explode that out onto individual tracks and re-mix it.
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