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Dear saike, my friend, did not visit the forum for some time, seeing your github closings, thought let me see what happened in hackey trackey land and see, lots of great and wonderful news. Thanks for the great new hackey trackey sample playback module written in js with wonderful gui. Looking even like available lua guis. Not sure if new stuff were added there in the last updates. Anyway the gui looks functional, working fastly, very useful.

Played a bit around. Wanted to test also the multi-out option. If there is one secure way of configuring it any tips are welcome. What I tried, leading to a memory crash is as follows:
1. loading hackey trackey sample playback module in a new track.
2. drag and drop two samples into two slots
3. write some test music quickly with those two samples
4. activate multi-out in hackey trackey sample playback module
5. here comes the dangerous part, leading to a crash on my computer: in vst/jsfx window, select from menu: options, build multichannel routing for output of selected FX, answering the "build routing confirmation" with yes. Crashing Reaper. Thought I should report.

Other than that, wonderful so far. Thanks for the tracker effects as well. Tested them one by one, all seem working nicely. Probability is great. Arpeggio as well. For a single note and samples can we apply only a single effect? Or is there any tricky way to apply even two effects for example using two channels or so? Typical use case could be (a) probability (b) some other effect, pitch gliding or arpeggiator for example.

Now we have as a friend to hackey trackey redux vst, and now this great small tool hackey trackey sample playback module. I guess this has the highest fun / cpu ratio! Very little cpu consumption but a huge fun space.

Thanks also for adding the shifting of current note to a side channel using shift+insert, or its opposite with shift+backspace. Great. With multi-channel output this could be fun as well. I am assuming the 15 channels of hackey trackey will be routed to separate outputs, thus a channel shift would mean an output shift as well. Great.

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