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I'm glad you find the track notes nice, because I'm kind of proud about it. It still can be improved, but let me show you a bit. You add the note and it adds a marker with the note at play/cursor position. You can navigate to the note position by clicking on them too. ALT+click to remove the note. The notes are associated to the track. So selecting another track will show only the markers for that track. There will be an option to list all track's notes too. That is still not functioning.

I also love General Dynamics JSFX. I had to modify it slightly to make it compatible with Track Inspector. It will be easy to install and with a suffix in the name to not touch the original one.

Yes. dpMeter is used too for the EBUR128, as in Loudness Graph.
The RMS calculation is a JSFX that will be included with the package.

The way it is designed is to work only with one instance. So you cannot lock to a track and open multiple ones. It could be done but not for now.

@X-Raym: I don't think Cubase users would switch. If they are still in Cubase must be for very important reasons. Not for the inspector

Thank you everybody!
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