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Good morning friends
First of all, let me say I'm glad that it seems there is a very positive response and excitement about this app. (I like to call it app instead of script , because it has a user interface and complex functionalities, but yes.. it's also a script. So.. Being a script, it has its limits. Mainly we depend on the API provided by REAPER, and then I cannot draw pretty graphics using the GPU. So I'll concentrate more in functionality than in pretty graphics. It doesn't mean I cannot try to be more or less pretty.

I'm annotating all your suggestions and requests. I like all your comments.
Also, after seeing the good response from all of you, I had to check if I posted in the general forum by mistake heh, I think I need to accelerate coding and have the first pre-release available sooner.

here is one update: Pre-fx loudness meter option and button to modify fader volume to match post fader IL to prefx IL.
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