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@gpunk_w Sure. some theming options will be available in final version. not yet.

@syntetic I did the wet/dry knob last night. Still need to do the drag up/down to modify them, and maybe right click on them to do a soft bypass.
The appearance of the knobs will probably change but this is how it is for now (now they look like googly eyes haha)

@Sju Yes, there are two dpMeters in two hidden tracks. two sends are created for the selected track to them. one with prefx signal and one with post-fader signal.

@musicbynumbers: Yes I think I will do first the parameters in its own panel, as it is now. Then maybe when it is working, add the other option. as you explain, things can get complex. Let's finish it simple first. For the phase correlation, I add that to the list for future features.

I expect I can put a pre-release today, even knowing it still has many things to be done so you can try the basic functionality.
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