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Originally Posted by Vendetta V View Post
actually no, if your OS is 64x (windows in this case), using the 86x Reaper will still yield the same result as using 86x on 86x machine. You need both software and the OS to be 64 bit.

Now to the second question. You can use the plugin folder from 86x however your plugin then won't be able to use more memory. That means that if your plugin isn't a RAM hungry plugin then you can run it 86x no worries (issues with compatibility with some plugins can still arise) however with plugins such as Kontakt, You'd be better of using 64bit versions (of the plugins, in this case Kontakt)

So basically 64 bit OS, DAW and plugins, is the best performance!

64 bit OS and DAW but 86 bit plugin. means that one plugin in particular won't be working as 64.

64x an 86x DAW and you're already going 86 so your entire daw won't be able to use any more than 4 gbs of ram (actually less)
Thank you. That greatly clarifies what I need to consider for building a new system and what versions of Vst's and software to re-purchase in 64 bit format. This is going to suck, lol.
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