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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
Howdy Breeder... just getting into a look around reworked...

have some questions about toolbars:

1-what you call Top Toolbar seems to have all it's actions and icons
doubled... which makes it much to long to fit in the space...

now I fixed this for myself

2- I personally put all the toolbars in a docker, so each one has a named tab in the docker and I put the docker up top where you have the toolbar... I know others like to have them off to one side or floating, etc...
I wonder what you actually intended?

3- just found the same doubled actions and icons for the MIDI Ed. toolbar called MIDI Piano Roll Toolbar....
1. It's like that because it indends to repeat the content on the second monitor (presuming your monitor has the width of 1920). But you should only see what your monitor resolution allows you to see so in theory you shouldn't even be aware there are icons there. This is how it looks on my PC (dual 1920x1080 monitors in native resolution):

2. The idea is to use menus and shortcuts mostly - top toolbar has the common functions that usually appear in other DAWs. REAPER of course has much more stuff than most DAWS, and all of that is in the menus.

3. See answer 1.
Originally Posted by hopi View Post
still looking around but so far appreciating what you have done with menus... pretty nifty
I feel MIDI ripple editing and the menus are a cornerstone of this configuration, at least for me. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Luster View Post
Respect for all the effort. This is not an easy task.

Who is addressed by this package? Is this worth a look, when you already have a Reaper config found for yourself or more just for starters?
This is mostly for people doing MIDI work, composing soundtracks and want a DAW for linear music creation with standard MIDI functions available from most other DAWs, recording if needed, importing samples, manipulating them - standard songwriting stuff coupled with mixing tasks.

My inspiration is FL Studio and Cubase and because both of these missed some crucial stuff (MIDI ripple editing for me) I simply decided to rearrange REAPER for myself and in the process, I decided I wanted to have a clean looking and final product - not something I want to upgrade all the time. I'm so satisfied with this that I literally don't feel the need to update or add anything to it. For me, it's a complete DAW that can be most closely compared to Cubase but with much more expanded capabilities.

I think REAPER ReWorked is best for people just starting out with REAPER because it simply has more functionality than standard installation and it is not just all bashed together but ergonomically planned and tried in practice.

So unlike things like ReaMenus which are great, but don't differentiate between working SWS features and broken SWS features, REAPER ReWork tries to have everything in the menus working - and because most of that stuff are existing scripts, new users can also quickly learn coding on many examples.

Existing REAPER users are also invited to try it and take out from the configuration what they like or simply use it if it feels good. It would be a shame to have such an amount of effort hidden in my computer - so it's here and hopefully it can help other people do music more smoothly because that's the whole point - to keep the flow going and not having things break down when the inspiration hits.

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