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all the OSC stuff is exciting.. I would like to put my hand up for the dummies though and ask is there likely to be anyway of implementing OSC control which is more straight forward ?

What is the feasability of just allowing something like right click on a JS fader and an option "send to OSC" and a dialog to type the OSC command ? so if someone wants to quickly add OSC control on the timeline they just load dummy fader, write a command and automate with familiar controls like envelopes etc ? If you have learn input and send to OSC output you could have easy custom routings also.

I know you need ReaperOSC files for setting up interfacing to a full control surfaces but for quick and simple stuff its difficult for the lay person to get their head around too many config files and programming etc...

For example right now i want to send mainMuteFx and echoVolume OSC commands to an external device at a few points on timeline. Its hard to work out how to get a JS fader (just an FX control obviously) to send those commands when its tied to the ReaperOSC file that determines the OSC message for all the FX controls..

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