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This is frkn very frustrating!!

I am trying to send a midi message..mod wheel on my osci bot and then have osc get the selected tracks id# and then spit it out my bomes midi port as any midi message whose value is the selected tracks id #.

Heres what i have oscobot..thx to veto.....

@input motif_in MIDI "MOTIF6-1"
@output translate_out MIDI "Bome's Midi Translator 4"

(oscmatch("/track/%d/select")) && (oscparm(0,0) > 0)?
msg1 = 176;
msg2 = 0;
msg3 = fmt0;

printf("Track %d selected\n");

Hers what i get in oscibot.... i move of the mod wheel..and 2 middle c notes pressed...but no midi output and no log data generated.

Another question...for me to achieve what i want to do, do i need to define an osc control surface in Reaper prefs?

This is killin me. I have spent hours trying to decipher this "developers video game"..... meaning...i just dont get it. Couldnt oscibot have some sort of basic non programmer friendly gui? Ive read and reread the sample scripts..but sorry its all greek to me.^^ Just like js. Sigh

Plz help?

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