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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Would an ARA API provide the necessary information (playback cursor and stored sound information) in a somewhat less propriety (i.e. not Reaper propriety but Celemony propriety, but I understand that there are more than one DAW providing this API) way ?

Right, the point of ARA is to get access to the host's audio data (in an offline fashion) and some other information in a more universal way. (Not relying on the specific host's implementations of those things.)

However, doing an ARA plugin is probably not the best of ideas at the moment, either. There isn't really any guarantee Studio One, Tracktion and Sonar will be able to load and use anything else than Melodyne properly.

edit : My point about "does not mean it's a good idea to do it" about the spectral view/editor stuff in Reaper was more about avoiding what can happen with 3rd party extensions : they eventually might no longer work and the developer might no longer be willing to work on them. It is IMHO a core feature the Reaper developers should implement. (But pretty much all the building blocks needed for 3rd party developers are in the API, if somebody wants to start attempting to do it anyway. The audio data can be accessed offline, the media item graphics can be replaced with a custom view/editor and processed audio can be played back from the item media sources.)
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