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The graphics is an interesting benefit. I have an idea for editing synth patches or groups of patches where a small picture or glyph is automagically generated beside each patch in row. This way they are visually identifiable even if a group of them have the same patchname. In sound design its good to work with a bunch of variations even better if you don't have to keep "save as" new name all over the place.
The idea is to generate a glyph using the patch data to seed the algorithm. Also use major properties of the sound to influence graphic generation.e.g slow envelopes suggest pad which may give rise to soft rendered low saturation colors. It's a deep topic. I definitely would like to use kalideoscopic type generators to yield an aesthetic glyph from what is pseudo random data. At a minimum a crc on a patch dump would generate an entirely different number even if the whole patch changed by just 1 bit. Anyhow I've gone way OT, but more powerful graphics has its uses!
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