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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
a new build (test2) is up and should do some modest size adjustments when possible, automatically. In places where there is no room, there's little that can be done, though... Until we make all of our dialogs larger.
Thanks, Justin. I guess this must be real hard for you because there's no way to know how much space would REAPER need in each dialog/window/etc. I'm working on it right now a bit before going to bed (I'm close to a 25% of it and I've been doing it at least 3 hours per day lol). I'll check this new test2 build right away.

I also noticed we have new langpacks with all the stuff we were missing in test1. How am I supposed to continue my work now? hahaha I guess I need to figure something out to "merge" langpack versions.

[EDIT] Holy cow! These new langpacks are huge! haha this will take months

[EDIT2] hmmm I was wrong, there are just minor fixes here and there but files are pretty much the same (I thought we didn't have "Main" actions in test1 langpacks).
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