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Originally Posted by mtl777 View Post
Hey Dux, just wondering... When creating your XP SP3 nLited AO CD, did you slipstream SP1, SP2 and SP3? I noticed that there are the files WIN51IP.SP1, WIN51IP.SP2 and WIN51IP.SP3 on the CD, which seem to indicate that all these service packs were slipstreamed on the original. If so, I thought that SP3 already contains, cumulatively, all the updates from SP1 and SP2 so no need to slipstream SP1 and SP2, just SP3. You're the expert and I'm not so please correct me if I'm mistaken. Thanks!
I hope someone could answer this question. I'm trying to create my own nLited XP SP3 CD and I'm not sure how to do the slipstreaming. I have three CD's: an original CD with no SP's, a SP1 slipstreamed CD, and a SP2 slipstreamed CD. Should I...

1. Use the original CD and slipstream SP3 on it; or,
2. Use the original CD and slipstream SP1, then SP2, then SP3 on it; or,
3. Use the SP1 slipstreamed CD and slipstream SP2, then SP3 on it; or,
4. Use the SP2 slipstreamed CD and slipstream SP3 on it?

There are many ways and I don't know what's right or best. My concern is if I slipstream something that's already included in a previous SP, it might duplicate and unnecessarily increase the size of the ISO build. Will that happen or is nLite intelligent enough to detect and prevent duplicates from happening? How do you guys do it?

Thank you so much!
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