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Default Help - Please - FreeMce and your XP


I am the co-creator of FreeMce which turns your pc keyboard into a mackie control universal - mixer section.

It works fine on stock xp, however, when a user in another thread tries to run it using your most recent release, he has problems.
I downloaded your most recent version also, and I too have problems.
FreeMce runs a dll called midi_in.dll, however it appears unable to load in this release of audio optimized xp.

Will you do me a favor and try it on your system?

I wonder if DEP might be interfering with the loading of the dll?
I would have pm'd this message but pming you does not seem to work.
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.
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