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Default So, How exactly do I turn an ISO file into a bootable cd...

Wow, been experiencing major latency issues with my brand new as-yet unused DAW with Windows xp pro SP3, and Chris/Coerce steered me this way from Gearslutz. I spent all day yesterday (after a week of do-it-myself bang-my-head frustration) reading here and elsewhere, sick oh sick of troubleshooting, decided definitely to do this new improved re-Dux SP3. So, downloaded from the link in the previous post from coerceChris, and have spent this entire day to the point of frustration trying and searching and searching and trying to make this file bootable, to no satisfaction. I have Nero 9, have followed instructions from different websites, now have 4 shiny new coasters, ...

Alright! Why I put myself thru a day of that, I don't know... But all is working. I've read thru this thread twice and the previous thread (mentioned at the start of this on) up thru about page 10. Mine eyes are sore!

Thank you, Coerce, for pointing me here, and Thank You DuX! for a huge extraordinary gift to DAWUsers everywhere!

Funny, I've just built my 2nd computer for DAW use, first one got much less use than I intended as romance and marriage intercepted. So now with this build I've had nothing but headaches over the last 10 days as I mindlessly added sp3 update, driver updates, mindless swaps of hardware, and ended up with some issues. Now, the silver lining in all of that is I have meself what looks to be a pretty great OS for the DAW after all! Thanks DuX!


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