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Originally Posted by Boardroom View Post
This would be a gamechanger for me, and i would purchase vordio just for this!
Currently it is a complete time waster trying to re position spatial audio again, after the video has been rotated..
The perspective is always changed in the video edit, and all my intricate spatial locking goes to waste.
Afterwards i have to automate by eye, ear, and SPL power map.If i am lucky (next to never) I have access to the NLE or the editor tells me what they have done. Then i have idea where to start. Either way it takes ages, and there is no automated process to do this in any DAW/NLE. I searched believe me ��

You would get loads of the spatial audio community on board with this function alone!
If this could be done for Premier too, you would get them all! ��

I use higher order plugins, not the atk, but any automation can be reassigned in reaper anyway. Even easier if its labelled...
This is even useful for vbap/dbap plugs that allow rotation too.. Which i sometimes use for discreet channel based installations.

Quite excited at the prospect!

I'll check Premiere today to see if that includes 360 automation/static adjustment.

Worth considering that the 360 metadata belongs to the video item, not tracks or audio items. So how best to transfer it?

Vordio already allows you to include video clips as empty items (it can be useful to see where the picture cuts are for sound design). So I could put a JSFX on the empty video item to hold the automation. How easy is it to move item FX automation to another item or track? Or else could dump the metadata into item notes and have a script transfer it. Vordio already dumps useful metadata such as scene/take into item notes.

Another possibility would be to dump ADM axml (audio definition model) metadata. There is now a free reaper extension for importing ADM for spatial audio.

What will be the best workflow?
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