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OK. I have got something basic working with FCPX.

These time=angle pairs get added to item notes for empty video items. The negative time values are not a bug. My test had out of range keyframes on clips in FCPX. I could filter them out but probably not necessary, especially if they are to be converted to track automation.

A script could read these and apply them to plugin automation parameters. Add the the item position to parameter time and you'd have track automation point time.

Static rotate (clip with no keyframes)

TILT: 72.2522
PAN: -98.1707
ROLL: -267.598
Automated rotate (clip with keyframes)

TILT: -62.920=14.192, -50.760=14.192, 12.840=-254.793, 29.160=88.8078, 92.360=14.192
PAN: -62.920=-198.393, -50.760=-184.62, 12.840=-182.885, 29.160=-104.839, 92.360=-10.1287
ROLL: -62.920=0.0, -50.760=0.0, 12.840=177.096, 29.160=438.698, 92.360=0.0
I've asked an adobe developer if a script can access the VR rotate plugin parameters in Premiere. Hopefully the answer is yes.
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