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Originally Posted by hans View Post
Would it be possible to have another script enabling all the envelopes aswell? The arm all envelopes only arms the enabled envelopes.
These scripts in this forum post have the option to ignore whether the envelopes are armed or not. you can adjust this setting if you edit the script and adjust the options. The "CheckArmed" variable should be set to false. Then you can use the "write ALL" script to write to all your envelopes that have been created.

Activate Arm FX ParameterEnvelopes of selected tracks (except Bypass)
But this one enables all midi-envelopes as well when there are any availbable in a plugin, and that makes the computer really slow! Is it possible to make an exception for midi as well?
This sounds like you are using a different script other than the ones referred to in this post... In all honesty, I don't understand what you are asking here... What is a midi envelope... Are you referring to envelopes for midi items? Or the fact that midi can control any envelope?

Either way, it doesn't matter. Currently, I don't have any extra free time to write scripts. All scripts on my reapack are for my own personal use. If you find something that helps you, I'm happy for you, but I offer no support, feature requests, or script requests.

Good luck!
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