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Originally Posted by mrlimbic View Post
I've got a rough script working fine with ATK.

It searches for parameter names, so in theory it should work with any plugins with roll, tilt, pan, yaw, pitch etc.

However when I tried it with FB360 the VST3 will only accept hard min/max values, nothing in between. So 180 or -180 degrees but not 0.

I don't know if this is a REAPER issue or a FB workstation VST issue.

I'm very confused. Does the FB360 VST allow automation injection? Have you tried using other scripts that generate automation with it?
OK. I've worked out automation problem.

One limitation though is that FCPX allows infinite rotation (outside -180 to +180 range) but FB360 VST3 doesn't. So it won't work with large adjustments. The video editor will have to be aware of this & stick to -180 to +180.
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