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I now have an official release of the FCPX/FB360 VR rotate helper script in my mrlimbic reapack repository called "mrlimbic_apply vr rotate from item notes.lua"

To test it you will need build Vordio 6.0.1747 or greater. The unlicensed version allows experimenting with short timelines (up to 3 mins).

Downloads are here currently (this location is temporary and will change when new website for Vordio 6.0 is ready)..

You need to turn on the option called "include video as empty items." This feature will create empty items for video clips that contain metadata that the script uses.

After converting the .fcpxml you can then open the RPP and use the script this way:

1. Select the empty item with the VR metadata in item notes
2. Select the FB360 track FX that should have the metadata applied to it's tilt, roll, pan parameters.
3. Run script

This is first version and only works with track FX currently (item FX can come later). I've only tested it with the FB360 plugin.

In theory it should work with any plugin that names parameters as tilt/pitch, roll, pan/yaw because it searches for words in the parameter names.

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