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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
SWS extensions are safe to install and will add useful features and actions to Reaper. I use many of those added actions all the time.

Many users would say it's a must have addition, but that will of course depend on personal needs also. It's not really going to harm your normal Reaper duties, it's just one additional main menu entry which you will only open if you need those features. It will add a considerable amount of new actions to the Actions list, which in theory makes browsing the list harder. But the benefit of all the added actions far outweigh that. There are several thousand of them in there anyway, so users will have to learn some search-fu anyway to navigate in there.

As for your case in this topic, the custom action I suggested for you relies totally on SWS actions, so you simply can't make it like that unless you have installed the extension.
Got it. Thank you very much!
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